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What is the "StEOP"?

StEOP = Study entrance and orientation phase

As the name implies, lectures deal with contents which serve as orientation for the entire Bachelor of the respective studies.

What is behind the study, what is waiting for me, is it what I want and where do I really want to go?

The StEOP is compulsory in every Bachelor degree. Before you have completed the StEOP course, you can not register for any other examinations.

Scope (attention, this only applies to BOKU!):

  • 1 semester, 4-6 ECTS
  • At least 2 'lectures' type lectures (VO) covering a semester (semester half term)
  • Attention, not all STEOP-LVen are offered in the summer semester.
  • Some LVen have been recorded in recent years and are available at (BOKU on Air).

Examination procedures:

  •  3 examination times per STEOP-LV within the respective semester
  • 3 rehearsals allowed

Admission to the course of study will be terminated if one of the StEOP lectures has also been judged negatively on the last day. In this case, the new admission to this course of studies may be applied for at the earliest for the third semester following the expiry of the admission.

Legal basis:

  • §§ 66. (1), 59, (1 a) § 59 §§ 72 to 79 UG 2002

You can find more information about StEOP at BOKU here.

Attention! StEOP reform

It is currently working on a StEOP reform at the BOKU which will enter into force from the winter term 2017/18. (University Law 2002 § 66)

You will find everything you need in the near future.