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Merit-based Scholarship

The scholarship aims to recognize outstanding study achievements. The call for applications usually takes place at the end of a study year. The total performance is assessed in a study within the academic year in question (01. October to 30. September). This means that you can apply for a scholarship in the second semester at the earliest if you started your studies in the summer semester and at the latest until 2 semesters after completing your studies. The announcement takes place once a year. Note the information from the study department: Informationen der Studienabteilung.

To apply for a scholarship at the BOKU: You must have completed at least 35 semester hours (can vary). Not included are courses that have been graded "Successfully Participated" or similar. Also, study requirements (e.g. “the Latinum”) can´t be included in the calculation. Your grade point average should be 2.0 or lesser (Attention: negative exams are also counted!) You have to fulfill the requirements for the study grant but not the social need requirements. There are additional regulations for students without Austrian citizenship, which make it very difficult to obtain a scholarship. You must study or have studied in minimum time + tolerance semester. Exceptions are granted if you have had a serious illness or have been pregnant. In such cases, however, you must first report this to your respective educational institution anyway. There is NO LEGAL CLAIM. If the number of applications exceeds the funding volume, the applications will be ranked according to the number of semester hours or grade-cut. Applicants will be awarded according to the grade point average and ECTS credits. It is a onetime payment. In some cases, the amount can reach up to € 1,500 (up to twice the tuition fee).

Need-based Scholarship

Need-based scholarships are intended for students who require financial assistance while writing their thesis. For example, a student writing a thesis on avalanches in Tyrol would be able to apply for a need-based scholarship in order to travel there for research purposes. Need-based scholarships are only awarded if proposed research meets eligibility criteria.

The criteria for awarding need-based scholarships are essentially the same as for merit-based scholarships. Every university has a certain budget allocated for this purpose. Applicants must demonstrate why certain scientific research is deserving of funding. Reasons may include high travel costs or extensive and costly research.  These funds are provided by the Federal Ministry for Science and Research.

 Informationen der Studienabteilung