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Report: Introductory seminar on the topic of literature search and citation with endnote

Scientific work with hurdles?

A scientific work requires every student, whether in the diploma or doctorate degree, to achieve top performance. As example, literary research, formatting, citation, formulation of the script, data collection or analysis, and much more.

As if these requirements are not enough, further hurdles may arise between the students and their graduation. This, as we have learned from consultations, mainly concerns doctoral students, but possibly also graduates.

The University for Soil Culture is a family and sustainable character. However, this feature does not apply to all professors! In the course of our doctoral thesis, we were able to filter out some "black sheep" from the professors. At the beginning of a dissertation, everything is in perfect order between student and supervisor. However, over the course of time and with increasing work, the first problems are emerging. These difficulties can be very different in nature, as we learned from our conversations.

For reasons of data protection, we can only describe a few examples or only one general fact, since the anonymity would no longer be guaranteed.

  • According to the supervisor, the data collected by the student can no longer be published by the student.
  • The student is in an employment relationship with the Boku. The attendant is prohibited from attending LVA's for the dissertation during the period of service. The neglected working time later or on another day is not approved.
  • The supervisor is abroad for a longer period of time, a replacement supervisor is selected for this period. However, the original guardian does not agree with the decisions of the substitute guardian.
  • The change of the student from the "old" to the "new" study plan creates such great problems for the caretaker that he would like to lay off the care.
  • There are also frequent complaints in the ranking of authors of scientific articles.

These were just a few examples, there are certainly countless other problems.

How can I proceed to get out of the way?

Some suggestions and suggestions like this malheur can not happen to you:

Once you have decided to do a scientific work on a specific topic, consider "lookout" for a professor who is appropriate for this topic. We would then recommend a non-committal discussion with the professor. So you can create a picture if the professor was not really known to you from lectures. Only in the next step is it advisable to obtain information from study colleagues and possibly assistants, but also from other professors, if possible, about your future supervisor. It is an advantage for the students if they have written a scientific work with this professor. With these inputs through the professor, there is a better overview of whether collaboration is possible.

The further procedure must be clarified in conversation with the supervisor. It should be clarified how the analyzed or collected data may be used. In addition, a rough timetable should be drawn up in order not to suddenly come under time pressure. If an employment is made via a third-party funding project or another form of employment relationship with the Boku, the visit of LVA's, which are necessary for the dissertation, should be clarified. Furthermore, the authoring of the authors should be discussed in advance, which author is the first. Otherwise, persons with false springs adorn themselves.

In the "wild" web there are some templates for promotions, please use this offer.

There are other important links on the following website:

Please take our advice to heart so that your dissertation or diploma thesis succeeds.

We wish you a nice semester start