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equivalence list

Due to the changes in the study plan in 2011, a number of renewals (names of the courses, ECTS, ect.) were made. The following lists will give you an overview of what has changed and how the current lecture is now described. Then you can use the attached "checklist" to check off which LVs you have already completed and which are still outstanding.

Note on the list of equivalence 2011:
If you end by the end of SS12 !!! LVs from the left LV pool, you can get their ECTS points against LVs from the right pool or let you count.
For example, if you
completed tourism and recreation planning with the value of 2 ECTS points, you can have these 2 ECTS points for process engineering I VO or waste as a resource VO (as they are also evaluated with 2 ECTS), that means process engineering I VO / waste as resource VO is no longer requested because you have completed an equivalent course.



current equivalence lists



Within the framework of the bachelor's program "Environmental and Bioresource Management" a compulsory practice in relevant establishments or in non-university research, testing and examination staff of a total of four weeks (equivalent to a full-time equivalent of 160 hours) is to be demonstrated.

information about the internship can be found here.