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Your Student Representatives from July 2019 -June 2021

Stefanie Nikl

Hello, my name is Stefanie Nikl, I am 23 years old and started my studies at BOKU in WS 18/19. My personal strengths  are that I am very motivated, full of energy and always dedicated to my work. It is important to me, to do a good job to offer you a great study atmoshpere and an even better education.
In my freetime I am almost 24/7 at BOKU, otherwise I love to go hiking or to sing. Since July 2021 I am officially part of the student representation and I am very happy that I can finally stand up for you!


Hanna Mayrhofer

My name is Hanna Mayrhofer and from the beginning of my studies at BOKU in october 2017 I hardly got away from the university. My engagement with the ÖH started through the "Blattform". Since July 2019 I am honored to be part of the student representatives. Together we want to make UBRM even better, of which my personal focus lies on the international networking.

Whenever I am not at BOKU, I am hiking in the alps of Austria 

Antoine Ferraris

To tackle new challenges, to work on projects and to shape UBRM  are just a few motivations for me to commit myself as a student representative. When I am not in the library or on top of a mountain, you can always come and have some cofe with me. I am convinced that, with this great team of ours, we will be able to represent UBRM students outstandingly and will help you, to find the optimal path to realize yourself. 


Maria Lorbek

Hello, I am Maria and I am in my 5th Semester of UBRM. I am very happy to be your student representative for the near future! Since my first freshman tutorial and my first "Blattformseminar" I wanted to engage with the ÖH. To do so, I want to dedicate my time, to be there for you and organize events to get the best our of our studies. When I am not at BOKU, I am outside in the sun, exercising or dancing salsa.


Manuel Gartner

Hey there!
I started my studies in october 2017 and was lucky enough to meet many lovely people. I would describe myself as a quiet and relaxed person. In my freetime I am mostly swimming or roaming around in the mountains. Otherwise you can find me at the TÜWI or in the "Türkenschanzpark". Since July 2021 I am officially a student representative an I am happy to now officially represent you.

Hannah Jennewein

I'm Hannah, 24 years old and I have been studying at BOKU for 4 years now. To me engagement autside of the lecture room is part of the UBRM studies experience. The possibility to be active and to work on study related projects and to contribute to the development of the curriculum challenge me as a student representative. Because of that I am motivated to organize seminars and other events with the team to enrich your study time at BOKU. Since July 2021 have officially stepped back from my position but I am still very engaged with the rest of the team.