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UBRM History

History of UBRM

Why, How, What.........UBRM

The decisive factor for the formation of UBRM was changes in the curriculum of the former programme agriculture. The programme was divided into four branches: plant production, animal production, agricultural economics, and green space design and horticulture. The demand for the agricultural economics branch was limited, although the prospects on the labour market were very good. Hans Karl Wytrzens, the former head of the Institute of Agricultural Economics, and Stefan Vogel, the former head of the Institute of Economic Policy and Law, wanted to establish a study programme with a strong focus on economics. Together they designed a curriculum with the basic idea of creating a green industrial engineer.


Don't focus exclusively on the curriculum - pursue things that really inspire you


In a UBRM course, the lecturer asked the students in a snide manner: "What is the name of your course - UMPALUMPA or something, isn't it?

Then we, some of the student representatives and myself (P. S.), founded the "UMPALUMPA Band", which performed several times at the TÜWI.

Lectures in the cinema

Due to a lack of capacity, lectures for first-semester students used to take place in cinema halls between popcorn and Coke. As a professor, you felt a little strange when you saw your huge presentation on data collection on the screen instead of George Clooney.

"Time at the Türkenschanze - the best time of my life" (UBRM graduate C.K.)

The Blattform

We want to make everyone's time at the university unforgettable.

Our goal is to contribute to the students motivation, personal development and good communication of UBRM to the outside world.

Basic idea: Study programme with 30-50 people.

Talking to each other, communication is the focus

Be able to develop and coordinate integral solutions in cross-sectional matters

UBRM: Understanding and being able to speak the language of different disciplines

How UBRM came to have its own specialised study programme committee:  Activity on the part of the students (measures of applications, profiling of possible members,)


"What is special about UBRM is not that it is diverse, but that it sees itself as a hinge between diverse fields (M.K.)"


The forum is the communication and exchange platform around the study. Here, questions and concerns regarding the UBRM-LV are answered among students.


Equivalency list for a laugh: Spatial planning versus chemistry



Once a semester, UBRM students exchange ideas with the Environmental Systems Science programme in Graz during a joint weekend. Exciting workshops are attended together and a lot of dissertation is done.

Peter, the fox

"Follow your own inspiration and have a wonderful time" (UBRM graduate)


"Likewise, it is very questionable to argue with jobs as well as later employment; that means that the young people's lifetime is being used exclusively for further economic exploitation."


It's not a question of whether anyone out there needs you.

Idea underlying the UBRM Sudium:

green Industrial Engineer

green industrial engineer

UBRM tastes good.............

a series of events in 2017/18

Lack of appreciation towards UBRM

UBRM and BOKU: A survival training for growing up with interesting professional content.


Accepting challenges, trying things out

Lecture halls in the Haus der Begegnung and the Cineplex


Live ticker for oral examinations


March on the Rectorate, because of insufficient capacity


The reality of UBRM

Nothing works without commitment

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