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Hunting test at the University of Natural Resources

Again and again, students - especially first-semesters - are approaching us to find out about the hunting opportunities at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences.
The most frequent questions are the content of the relevant teaching events and the obtaining of the hunting map in the individual states.
Here, a short overview of the teaching events at the University of Soil Culture, which must be attested for a hunting test substitute, is given. It should be noted that these courses correspond to the provisions of the Niederösterreichischen Jagdprüfungsverordnung.
After successful completion of the course, the certificate may be requested from the competent hunting authority to replace the hunting test. The hunting law falls within the area of ​​competence of the federal states and therefore different regulations / manipulations can occur in the individual federal states.
How does it work?
Successful completion of the planned courses. Confirmation of successful completion of the courses at Dipl.HLFL Ing.Rudolf Hafellner at the IWJ. Application for recognition of the hunting test substitute at the competent hunting authority (district management, magistrate or huntsman depending on the state).
These LVAs are necessary (eg in the study plan Bsc Forestry, Master Wild Animal Ecology and Wild Animal Management as well as in the Master Forestry Sciences as compulsory and elective subjects):
Jagdbetriebslehre VO 832.326 (3 ECTS, Wintersemester)
In the course of this lecture, the students will be familiar with the operation, handling and impact of hunting equipment - especially weapons, ammunition and optics. Other highlights of this event are the learning of the common hunting breeds, the use of various hunting methods (for example, hunting, hunting, etc.), hunting traditions as well as wildlife management and biotope farming.
Übungen zu Jagdbetriebslehre UE 832.341 (1,5 ECTS)
Exercises on hunting management teaching UE 832.341 (1,5 ECTS)
This is now about the practical application of hunting equipment. The safe handling of weapons and ammunition or the shooting services are checked during the shooting exercises, which are carried out regularly during the summer and winter semester. Anyone who has participated twice in such a shooting practice can then proceed to the practical test. This includes handling and shooting with hunting caliber, fist gun (gun and revolver) and shotgun.
Biologie heimischer Wildtiere VO 832.307  (2 ECTS, Wintersemester)
This course includes wild ecological principles for the hunting enterprise, as well as knowledge of the status, biology and ecology of wild game hunting in Austria. They are mainly treated with shellfish, deer, chickens, and selected species of deer.
Wildökologie in der Forst- und Jagdwirtschaft (Wechselbeziehungen)  VO 832.164 (2 ECTS, Sommersemester)
This lecture deals with the ecological characteristics of species of forestry particularly relevant to wild animals such as shellfish and hoofed chickens as well as the possibilities of a forest habitat management. Current topics of wild ecology in the forestry and hunting industry: Lebensraumhege v. Pick-up control, shooting plans, trophy hunting, large-sized animals, etc.
Bestimmungsübungen Säugetiere UX 832.110  (3 ECTS, Wintersemester)
Exercises with excursion
Bestimmungsübungen Vögel UX 832.111 (3 ECTS Sommersemester)
Exercises with excursion
Within the scope of the determination exercises, the knowledge of native wilds as well as age and gender determination shall be practiced by means of morphological features, tracks, slogans, waxes, feathers, sound expressions,
Forst-, Jagd-, Fischereirecht VO 736.368 (2 ECTS, Sommersemester)
This lecture is intended to teach the students the principles of forestry, hunting and fishing, and is specifically addressed to the hunting and fishing legislation in the respective federal state. In addition, the basic principles of the right to arms and nature protection are dealt with.
Grundlagen der Ökologie 1 VO 912.113 (3 ECTS Wintersemester)
Grundlagen der Ökologie 2 VO 916.110 (3 ECTS, Sommersemester)

As a substitute for the basics of Ecology 1 + 2 for the hunting test replacement, also e.g. The lecture 833.103 agricultural ecology or a basic lecture in ecology (at least 3 weeks). The equivalency of other basic lectures in ecology is assessed on a case-by-case basis at the IWJ.
More detailed information about examination or lecture dates can be obtained from the bokuOnline or at the Institute for Wild Biology and Hunting.