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Mandatory practice

In the bachelor's studies, 4 weeks are compulsory. The chair of the FHNW study commission is responsible for the confirmation of compulsory practice. Inform yourself and complete the practice on time.
It is, of course, an advantage for professional life if you have more than 4 weeks of professional experience.
Practice acknowledgment
All information and forms can also be found on the homepage of the Fachstudienkommission (Head: Ao, Univ.-Prof Erhard Halmschlager).
Proof of compulsory practice should be on company paper with the address, stamp and original signature of the employer, a detailed description of the activity and working hours.
The exhibition of the internship confirmation will be handled by a post office system at IFFF, Hasenauerstraße 38, 1190 Vienna.
Tip: Be sure to give a confirmation at each (Ferial) work - regardless of the duty practice.
On which farms can I work?Within the framework of the Bachelor's degree in forestry and wood and natural fiber technology, a compulsory practice in relevant enterprises (ie in the areas of FW or HNT, in particular those enterprises and areas managed by a forestry or timber operator), or in non-university research, And examining institutions for a total of four weeks (equivalent to a full-time equivalent of 160 hours).

Attention: Some students want to be at university, e.g. Of the wood research institute. This is only accepted if completing the compulsory practice in the above-mentioned institutions is not possible. (At least five cancellations). Justification by Prof. Halmschalger: Apart from that the students with low / no pay from the university are used almost as cheap labor. Experiences in the private sector are also very valuable.

Possible employers (examples):
ÖBf AGPrivate forestry enterprises (managed by a graduate engineer in forestry) Authorities and public bodies (wild boar and avalanche building, provincial governing bodies, ....) Agricultural chamberNational parks: e.g. Nationalpark Hohe Tauern (volunteer program) -> Assistance -> Volunteer programNature protectionLand hunting associationsIngenious forestry or woodworkingRohols purchasing in the woodworking industry (FW and HNT) Sawmills, paper, board and pulp industries, timber construction, etc. in production and administration (Especially HNT) Holzhandel (esp. HNT) (Private) Research, testing and research facilities
If compulsory compulsory practice is not possible in corresponding institutions, this can be completed after the completion of at least five cancellations (in advance, in writing and in the original) by participating in projects of institutes of the study direction.

Internships with registered political parties (information rectorate and specialist study commission) are not recommended.