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Corona hardship fund of the ÖH BOKU

This fund is intended to provide some support to all students at BOKU Vienna who have got into a social and financial distress due to the Corona crisis.

Did you just lose your job because you did not fall under the short-time work regulations? Have you lost your job because as a self-employed person you do not get any more jobs? Have you got into a financial emergency?
Then apply to the Corona Hardness Fund of the ÖH BOKU so that we can support you a little.

The general funds (social and support funds) are still up and applications can be submitted at any time.

Who can make an application?

All BOKU students who have gotten into financial difficulties because of the current crisis! If you are not sure whether you meet the criteria of the fund, have a look at the guidelines, (in German) an Translation will follow soon.
Meanwhile pleas ask our colleagues in the offices of Social Affairs your Questions regarding the criteria of the fund and any other question regarding the Corona hardship fund of ÖH BOKU via Mial: !

The following link will take you to the guidlines:

To the guidelines

How can I make the application?

You can fill out the application form conveniently via the application form. Enter the required data and information in the appropriate fields. Only your BOKU address ( or is accepted as contact e-mail address.

Please inform yourself about the required documents & proofs, which can be found in the guidelines under point 4. It is best to get them before you apply.

The required documents can be uploaded as PDF and as text document (.docx/.odt). If a document is not accessible, please explain this in the application. This justification has the be uploaded instead of the requested document.

The following link will take you to the application page: 

Link to form

The deadline for applications to the Corona hardship fund of  ÖH BOKU in the summer semester 2020 is 31.10.2020 !