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Social Fund of the ÖH-Boku

The maximum amount of support is 1,400 euros per academic year. The level depends on the degree of social distress.



General requirements

  1. Member of the ÖH
  2. conducts a regular course of study
  3. according to these guidelines is socially needy
  4. does not receive sufficient support


The emergencies may have been caused, for example, by: suddenly increased housing costs, costs for study, expenses for care and care for one's own children, one-off expenses for medical treatment or other emergencies that have arisen through no fault of their own.

The exact guidelines can be found here!


How is the application made ?

Completed form and inserts to:

Social Department of the
ÖH-Federal RepresentationTaubstummengasse 7-9/4th floor
1040 Vienna

Application is possible on an ongoing date, but it can only be approved once every 12 months!



  1. Copy of a personal document with photo
  2. Income confirmations of both partners in the case of a common household
  3. Confirmations of assistance from other bodies or persons
  4. Confirmations of receipt of maintenance benefits
  5. if an account exists, continuous bank statements of the last three months
  6. Confirmations of expenses incurred for housing, basic fees for telephone and radio, for household insurance, health insurance and for necessary trips at and to the place of study, etc.
  7. Registration slips of all family members living in the household
  8. Confirmation of continuation as well as a study book sheet for the current semester and a confirmation of the success of the study
  9. at most proof of disability (disabled passport, medical certificate)