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Contrary to stubborn rumors one is not automatically sick in Austria! There is no general insurance requirement. In order not to have to pay all costs ourselves, we provide you with the following possibilities and conditions for various forms of insurance:

Is valid with the payment of the ÖH-contribution, but covers only accidents and damages on the way to / from the University and within the framework of the Unibetrieb (excursions, laboratory exercises, USI courses etc ...).

Until completion of the 27th year of life possible. Prerequisite: Obtaining family allowance or proof of performance of 8 hours / year (extension of the proof period possible). In contrast to the family allowance, there is no semester restriction.

Student self-insurance is currently costing 54.11 euros per month and is not tied to a high age, but the following prerequisites apply:
Full domicile in Austria
You have not yet finished your studies (exceptions, for example, if you have no or only minor income).
Your income from professional activities must not exceed EUR 8,000 per year.
You did not change your studies more often than twice or too late (does not apply to recipients of the scholarship closing scholarship).
You have exceeded the total minimum period of your studies plus one semester per section by no more than four semesters (exceptions are possible in the case of important reasons such as illness, and this limited number of semesters is not applicable to a SAS person).
Students must apply for student self-insurance with the district council (GKK) of the place of study.
ATTENTION: It is advisable to check your own insurance status more often!

The contribution rate currently amounts to 388.04 euros per month (as of 2015). This amount can be reduced to about 1/4 for social need, i. That you have to prove your financial situation. In this case, your income, but also your parental care, is used as a basis for your assessment. Place your application for voluntary health insurance at the same time as a request for a reduction of the contribution base! Otherwise, the maximum rate will be considered.

As a minor employee (monthly income not higher than 405.98 for 2015) you are only casualty insured, but you have the possibility to insure yourself by 57.30 Euro per month. In this case you are not only sick, but also pension insured. The application for self-insurance is to be submitted to GKK. IMPORTANT: If you have several minor occupations and your total income exceeds the insignificance limit, you are compulsorily insured. The social insurance contributions are not deducted from the employers, but are directly prescribed by the GKK.

If you have income as a new self-employed person but your income does not exceed the limit for compulsory insurance, you have the possibility to make a declaration to the social insurance institute of the commercial economy that you want to be sick and accident-insured even if the insurance limit is not exceeded . You can get 55.39 Euro (as of 2015) per month with the SVA Krankenversichert. The accident insurance costs 8.90 euros per month.