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Aid Fund of ÖH BOKU

maximum 150€ / semester


  • Applicant is a member of the Students Union at BOKU (paid ÖH Fee) and can prove a disability or a study relevant impairment
  • Proof of a purposeful Study
  • Lack of sufficient income or funding
  • Credible social indigence

Examples of study relevant impairments are: Students with physical or mental impairments, language barriers, care obligations (for a child, or care of dependents) or acute emergencies.

You can finde the current guidelines here!

Deine Muttersprache ist nicht Deutsch?

Du kannst finanzielle Unterstützung für deinen bereits abgeschlossenen BOKU-Deutschsprachkurs beantragen! Füge deinem Antrag entweder

  • BOKU Sprachkurszeugnis (ZIB-Zertifikat) oder
  • BOKU Konversationskurs - Lehrveranstaltungszeugnis

bei! Externe abgeschlossenen Deutschsprachkurse werden je nach Ermessen positiv bewertet.

How to apply?

Send the completed form and further documents to or:

Sozialreferat der ÖH BOKU
Peter-Jordan-Straße 76 / 2. Stock
1190 Wien


  • winter term:      November 30th
  • summer term:  April 30th


 Unterstuetzungsfonds-Antragsformular.pdf (German/English)

Further requirements:

  • Copy of the valid student ID Card (BOKUCard
  • Proof of financial assistance from other organisations(e.gSozialministeriumservice (SMS),Studienbeihilfenbehörde, Pensionsversicherungsanstalten,..)
  • Registration confirmation in Austria
  • Continuation confirmation as well as Proof of Inscription (Studienblatt) for the current semesterand a proof of academic achievement
  • Proof of impairment(disability ID, doctors attestation)
  • Proof ofdisbursementsmade for support services (bill, remunerations)
  • Proof of prescription fee exemption
Further questions?

Write an email to or simply visit us during one of our consultation hours!