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Tuition fee

Tuition fee for regular students

363,36€ per semester

726,72€ per semester for third-country nationals

Grace period

363.36€ +10%
726.72€  (does not increase in the grace period!)


Please gather the current dates from the BOKU schedule!

Temporary exemption

A temporary exemption from the tuition fee is granted for the duration of the standard study period plus two semesters (non-contributory period) for the following ordinary students:

  1. Austrian citizens
  2. EU citizens
  3. EEA citizens (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein)
  4. Nationals of the Swiss Confederation
  5. Convention refugees (also from other EU countries)
  6. Subsidiary beneficiaries of protection
  7. Beneficiary third-country nationals who have been granted one of the following residence permits:
    1. "Permanent residence - EC" issued by the competent Austrian authority
    2. 'Permanent residence - EC' issued by the competent authority of another Member State and a residence permit for Austria
    3. "Permanent residence card" issued by the competent Austrian authority Students covered by the Group of Persons Ordinance
    4. Students with a residence permit other than "Residence Permit Students"

Extension of the non-contributory period

The non-contributory period  is extended only by leave of absence and ÖH activity. After expiry, however, the contribution for one semester can be waived  (in advance) or  refunded  (retroactive)! More information and the form at


Leave of absence:
Periods in which there is leave of absence are not to be taken into account when determining the number of semesters completed so far in a course of study.

ÖH activity:
The activity as a student representative within the meaning of the High School Students'
Association Act may not be more than 6 semesters behind. The function must have been performed for at least one entire semester. The application must be submitted by 31 March (summer semester) and by 31.10. (winter semester) of the relevant semester (for which the tuition fee-free period is to be taken into account). Nutrition in the appropriate  guidelines  and the  form!


Waiver of tuition fee

A decree can only be requested in advance! The following grounds of remission apply to ordinary students from an EU or EEA country, Switzerland, convention refugees and third-country nationals with permanent residence permits for Austria/EU. The deadline for submitting applications for the respective winter semester is 31 October or31 March for the respective summer 31. Märzsemester. More details at

  • An obstacle to study caused by illness for at least two months in the relevant semester
    • Proof: Confirmation of a specialist (form)
    • Decree: at most for two consecutive semesters (new application possible)
  • An obstacle to study caused by pregnancy  for at least two months in the relevant semester
    • Evidence: Confirmation of a specialist
    • Decree duration: at most for two consecutive semesters
  • The predominant care of children  living in a common household up to the 7th birthday or school entrance
    • Proof: birth certificate and registration slip of the child, registration slip of the student receiving the supervision and affidavit that he/she is dedicated to the predominant care
    • Decree: at most for two consecutive semesters (new application possible)
  • Disability according to federal law with at least 50%
    • Proof: Disabled passport issued by the Federal Social Office
    • Duration of remission: for the duration of the course of study or for the duration of the disability
  • Presence or civil serviceif more than two months have been used for this purpose within the corresponding study or study period.
    • Evidence: Confirmation of the Military Command or the Civil Service Agency



Refund of tuition fee

A refund can only be requested in the aftermath of the following situations if the contribution has been paid on time:

  • the tuition fee incl. student contribution and any special contributions was paid twice
  • in response to a submitted application, the tuition fee already paid has been waived
  • a contribution was paid which could not result in a continuation notification due to late receipt
  • the degree degree would have been possible due to the continuation of the continuation of the previous semester even without a contribution payment for the current semester
  • the contribution has been paid, but a deregistration from the course of study is made within the grace period

The application must be submitted to the study services for the winter semester no later than the  next 31 March and for the summer semester until  the  next 30 September. 


BOKU Graduation scholarship

For working students, BOKU provides the graduation scholarship. There is no legal claim to this! This is a scholarship in the amount of the tuition fee for which you have to apply every semester.

Login window for the

  1. Winter semester is October 1st to December 10th
  2. Summer semester is 4 March to 10 May

This means that you have to pay the tuition fees and then you will be paid 400€ if your application is successful. Please take your time with your application! In the last semester, many applications were rejected due to formal errors!

Further information and the exact requirements can be found here  and under




Frequently asked questions

Below is an excerpt of the most common questions. More detailed information on the subject of tuition fees can be found on the BOKU page  and our social brochure!

  1. Where do I have to pay the tuition fee?

The study service of BOKU and not the ÖH BOKU is responsible! More information about the accepted payment options can be found  here!

  1. How long do I not have to pay tuition fees?

For each  course of study, the tuition-free period is recalculated. This consists of the standard study period plus two tolerance semesters. Tuition-free time for a bachelor's degree at BOKU is therefore 8 (6+2) semesters! Read more  here! However, you always have to pay the ÖH contribution.

But beware! Third-country nationals with the residence permit "Student residence permit" are not exempt. They have to pay the full contribution from the beginning. However, for some countries there is a performance-related study aid!

  1. Can I pay the tuition fee in parts or instalments?

No. Please pay the tuition fee on time  and exactly!

Further questions?

Write an email to or simply visit us during one of our consultation hours!