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Learning at the Türkenschanze


  1. Opening times of the libraries
  2. Opening hours of university buildings
  • Mon - Fri: 7:00 - 21:00
  • Sa: 7:00 - 13:00
  • Sundays and public holidays: Closed

Gregor Mendel Haus

  • computer room

Location: Ground floor

  • Coffee area

Location: Ground floor entrance


Wilhelm Exner Haus

  • Herbarium (ÖH-Area)

Location: 1st floor

  • Library Computer and dining area as well as group workroom

Location: Ground floor

Note: Reservation required at university library information! For more information and to use the rooms in general, please click here: Gruppenarbeitsräume der UB.

  • Seminar rooms (entrance area)

Location: In front of the seminar rooms, tables and armchairs are available and can be used at any time

  • Computer room

Location: Cellar PC room U1 / 06


Schwackhöfer Haus

  • Cafeteria (ÖH-Area)

Location: Ground floor

  • Auditorium

Location: Ground floor

  • Floor transition


Oskar Simony Haus

  • Entrance area

Location: ground floor entrance area

  • Attic


Baracke 1

  • Mensa

Location: Bar1

  • Computer room

Location: 1.Stock Bar1-01/02 over Mensa

  • Project room

Location: Behind the computer room (ÖH-area -> reservation possible)



  • Cultural area and terrace (ÖH-area)

Location: Between Gregor Mendel House and Simony House


ÖH Container

  • Learning space and printability (ÖH-surface)

Location: Between Simony Haus and Guttenberghaus

Lernflächen Türkenschanze