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The digital world is getting bigger and bigger, search engines on the Internet, tex-based meta-databases for articles and reports help considerably in studying knowledge. Nevertheless, some information is collected only in books. Studies show that books are learning more sustainably anchored in the brain, where you can find books at the university now you might ask yourself?


What there is

The university offers a main library, five specialist libraries on food and biotechnology, social, economic and legal sciences, forest nature and technology, landscape planning, water management hydrology and constructional hydraulic engineering as well as various institute libraries.


But not only the university, but also the ÖH BOKU offers you a collection of archive materials and books for borrowing, you can find more information here: Department for ÖH-Bibliothek und Archivierung.

New! Open bookcase on the location Augasse

The project "Open Bücherschrank" has begun! You will find the first one at BOKU Augasse. If the project is successfully accepted, the project is to be extended to the other BOKU locations.

It's as simple as that:
Take books. Books. Scripts. Scripts. No registration. No costs.
This is a project of the Department of Library and Archiving.

Have fun taking and giving :)