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Rights and duties of students

I am allowed to copy the written exam - there is something like a legal protection in examinations?

Students have rights as well as duties?

For us students, §59 and §79 are particularly interesting in the 2002 university law. The most important points can be found on this page. For questions, please contact the Department of Education.

§ 79 Legal protection in examinations

(5) The student is to be granted access to the assessment papers and to the examination reports if he or she requests this within six months from the announcement of the assessment. The assessment papers shall also include the examination questions submitted during the examination in question. The student is entitled to reproduce these documents. Multiple choice questions are excluded from the right to duplication, including the respective answers.

(6) The applicant is to be granted access to the assessment papers and to the evaluation protocols of admission procedures if he or she requests this within three months of the announcement of the results. The assessment papers shall also cover the questions raised in the procedure in question. In the course of the inspection, it must be ensured that an individual feedback can also be given for the assessment. Section 79 para. 5, third and fourth sentences shall be applied.

§59 Rights and Duties of Students

(3) Examination dates are to be set for the beginning, for the middle and for the end of each semester.

(4) Professional students and students with childcare responsibilities or other similar care responsibilities, who can not study full-time, but devote only part of their time to study, are entitled to report at what times they have a special need for teaching and examination offers to have. Universities have to take this particular need into account as far as possible, on the basis of the reporting results in the design of their teaching and examination offer. Already at the time of admission to a study, the applicant has the right to report these requirements.

(6) Before the start of each semester, the heads of the lectures must inform the students in an appropriate manner about the objectives, the content and the methods of their courses, as well as the content, the methods, the assessment criteria and the assessment criteria of the course examinations.