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How to study from home

The current situation is very challenging for many students, especially if you were already looking forward into the new semester or wanted to finish your degree. Besides the already existing ‘distance learning’ - offered by our university – we wanted to give you additional tips to make your studying at home more successful. It doesn’t matter if you are a freshmen or already an ‘experienced’ university students – there is something for everyone available!


Side note: Learning groups can happen via video conference too – maybe you can motivate each other like that even more

Basically BOKU’s library offers already a wealth of knowledge online. You should consider this following things for this bewildering variety:  

Tutorial zur BOKU Suche

For newbies: there is a pdf which explains how to find your desired literature.  

BOKU’s digitale Bibliothek

The most important data bases

BOKU Lit Search

You have to click on: “BOKU-Angehörige: Für den externen Zugriff auf lizenzgebundene Inhalte loggen Sie sich bitte HIER ein..” for the log in, then you can access from home. The advanced search is useful to decrease the results (a score of 100 is a good target value) or rather in the menu point help are explanations how to optimise your search.  

If you are logged in you can see in the top right corner a feedback form, please use it if you face any problems regarding online resources (outdated link – but please check if you are logged in before!) 

EZB – Electronic journals library

BOKU collected all journals where students have access to. You can enter various criteria. Please check the ‘traffic light’ caption on the right side, to understand the access rights.  

OBV – Austrian library network

The Austrian Library Network Search Engine enables you to search for literature in more than 13 million records of more than 90 academic libraries of the Austrian Library Network.  
Note: Click on Advanced search, there you have to click E-resources OBV to exclude physical literature from your search

KVK - Karlsruher virtual catalog

‘Holy grail’ book search interface for more than hundreds of million books and serials in library and book trade catalogs worldwide. Don’t forget to tick “Digital media only” 

DOAJ – Open Access Journals

Community-curated online directory that indexes and provides access to high quality, open access, peer-reviewed journals. Due to fundings it can be offered for free.

Google Scholar

Use the advanced search to gain the desired result. We recommend to look into Google – search operators ( - AND, OR, NOT,...) to not get overwhelmed by thousands of results.

BOKU E-Books

Valuable website, where various books of BOKU’s library are fully accessible from home. Plenty of books can be downloaded for free – books for e.g.: agroecology, chemistry, social sciences, …  

Log-In with your BOKU Online Account. Don't forget to read the ‘traffic light’ explanation.

Wiens virtuelle Bücherei

German only (there is no translation of this website). A membership is required to get audio books and books.

A variety of software allows us to organise and structure our term papers or final thesis. 
Citations can be saved, bibliographies can be created, groupwork can be done, tasks can be generated, and for writing itself it can be connected with a Word Add-On.  

Important tip: The usual of online tutorials is required. You will get insight of things you might have needed beforehand and can save some time.

Reference management/Citations

Switch to the German Page to get a list of current used Citation Software.  


BOKU employees and students can use this software for free. Just download it and use the instruction to get started.


Open Source – similar to Citavi 

Online courses - Ivy League

Here are 450 Ivy League courses you can take online right now for free.

Online Kurse der Uni Wageningen

A wide variety of topics, such as nutrition and health, environment, smart agriculture or biobased production. You can study in your own time, whenever you want.

SDG Academy

The SDG Academy is the online education platform of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), a global initiative for the United Nations.

Search for the right words for your english final thesis or term papers or if you need to translate something from english to your mother tongue.






Staatsoper Live

There is a 30 days trial period – perfect to fill your time and relax. A thing Netflix should imitate.

Bayrische Staatsoper

Our German neighbours have live sterams until 19th of April too.

Radio FM4

Using the motto “Stay at Home, Baby!” FM4 delivers good mood music and news in English and French.

Virtual tours through museums

Many musems partnered up with Google to make their exhibitions available online. You can walk through them in a "street-view-like" expereince.

You need keep your body in shape. For Indoor-Corona Selfisolation, here are useful tips:


Indoor Cardio, including 30 days challanges.


You can choose between 10 to 45 minute yoga sessions – pick the one of your choice and relax.

Down Dog

Due to the current corona virus situation, all content is available until 1st of April. Yoga and every-day workouts are waiting for you!


The Feldenkrais Method is a type of alternative exercise therapy that proponents claim can repair impaired connections between the motor cortex and the body, so benefiting the quality of body movement and improving wellbeing.  
Relax your neck with this Spotify-Playlist.

Fit without equipment

Sascha Huber whips you into shape. If you don’t want to loose muscle mass or wanna work on your new years’ resolution, this is a good way to do so.   

Where can I get support?

We understand that many students are struggling with the current situation, especially their mental health is affected, here we have some institutions where you can ask for help:  

The ÖH BOKU is always there for you to listen. You can write us an email vorsitz[at]  
The ÖH Department of Social Policy advises on all social and financial study subjects, provide information and organize various information campaigns ( you can also contact them via email sozial[at]  



Something to work on your brain power. Free chesse server – Choose with whom you want to play against: your friends or computer.

Online Learning tools and flashcards

If you run short on physical flashcards, you can change to an online format – they are even sharable with your colleagues.

Nunu's shop list

In times of lockdown and social distancing, it is often better to place an order than to go to shops. Here you will find a collection of local entrepreneurs whom you can support in this way - at the same time you can also avoid orders from large international corporations.

More tips?

You have more tips for your colleagues? Tell us about it so we can put them on this page!

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