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Where to find food at BOKU

With an empty stomach, it is not easy to learn, and also our brain food needs to get fully on the move. Nuts, seeds, many oils rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, as well as lots of fruits and vegetables are among the best boosters in learning success.

But where can not all those who do not take an extensive meal from home with food to cover the successful study? -> see more below


For students in need of social assistance, there is the Mensapickerl. This means that in many of the listed places the food is around 0.80 € cheaper. Further information on this and the Mensapickerl itself can be found in the secretariat of ÖH BOKU Peter-Jordan-Straße 76, and in the Muthgasse at the study representation LBT.

The discount is not valid during holidays!