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ÖH Magazine

The ÖH_Magazine is the official magazine of the University of Applied Sciences at the University for Soil Culture and is sent directly to all BOKU students by post.
The next and last edition of the study year 2013/14 will be published in early June. Dates and short contributions for the Juniausgabe can still be until 10.05. To Extensive articles and illustrations are only taken into account when planning the October 2014 issue.

First semester edition ÖH_Magazin
At the start of the semester, a special issue for first-semesters will be prepared at the BOKU to facilitate entry into the study program.
BOKU tips
The BOKU tips contain all important and relevant information for beginners at a glance. An overview of the structures and tasks of the Austrian University of Applied Sciences at BOKU is given. Also, BOKU tips included information on study contributions, study aid, subsidies, building plans and much more.

The BOKU tips and the ÖH_Magazin are available in the ÖH for free removal!


Leafline and contentual conception

To prevent misunderstandings, we ask you to read the leafline before composing an article.
The document includes:

  • General objectives and leafline
  • Frequency of occurrence and article selection
  • Description of the headings
  • Labeling requirements and guidelines for articles
  • Description of the general approach


Download Leaf line

Writing articles

Every student and every student, as well as every member of BOKU, is invited to write an article in ÖH_Magazine.To avoid misunderstandings, we ask you to read through the magazine line of the ÖH_Magazine before writing the article!


Name and surname of the authorPersonal form of the desired page / number of charactersDrawing: Can photographs be delivered?

Article proposals can be submitted by e-mail up to two hours before the editorial meeting or in person in the editorial meeting.
The editorial meeting for the Junia edition will take place in early April and. The exact date will be announced.
For questions, please contact the Press and Public Relations Department at any time:


Fotografierst du gerne oder hast du ein riesiges, noch ungenütztes Fotoarchiv? Du möchtest gerne deine Fotos veröffentlichen?


For the ÖH_Magazin editions, but also for Facebook and the BOKUtipps, we always look for appealing photos. For this purpose, there is a photographer pool, coordinated by the Fotoredaktion.
Do you like to photograph or do you have a huge, still unused photo archive? Would you like to publish your photos? No problem - turn to e-mail ( to the Fotoredaktion.

After each editorial session a mail to the photographer's pool with the contents of the articles or with the approximate covers. According to the first-come-first-serve principle, the articles are divided among the photographers. Up to a certain deadline - about three to four weeks after the editorial session - photos can be sent to the photo-archive.
Photographers are employed on a work contract basis for one semester at the ÖH BOKU and receive 5 euros for the imprint of a photo.

Technical Data


Regular: 13,000 pieces

First-semester edition:

2,000 pieces (October) and 500 pieces (February)


21.0 x 27.7 cm (A4 -2cm height)


Paper: Claro Bulk, FSC certified, H'free,

Guidelines of the Austrian Environmental Label

Paper envelope: 200 g

Paper core: 115g offset printing


Core: 32 pages

Cover: 4 pages