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100 steps of campaign

An initiative from the Environment and Sustainability Unit

We see that there is a great deal of commitment at BOKU in the area of ​​sustainability and the BOKU community is enriched by many activities by students. We have therefore considered making these efforts more visible. Projects that are created in and with ÖH and have a concrete sustainability aspect can receive the "100 Steps" logo for their activities. This can then be used, among other things, for publications and advertising. In this way, we want to ensure that sustainability-related activities are easier to recognize, without reducing their project-related focus.

We want to strengthen existing structures, encourage projects, encourage students to become active and / or support projects with their commitment and ideas. In addition, the RUN also offers concrete project and sustainability consulting by the experts. This has also been of great benefit to those who are beginning to study, for example, because they can more easily orient themselves with the help of the logo.

What's the matter?

With our sustainability branding, we are making projects and structures known to ÖH BOKU. The logo consists of a foot, which is based on the ecological footprint. The number 100 means that every development begins with a first step and is composed of many things / activities / efforts. It is supplemented by the official ÖH BOKU logo.

Which projects are already branded with the logo? The logo can be found at the "Widerstandspreis 2017" or the revived "Stöpsel", as well as in the last semester on posters from the BOKU community garden. We are deliberately addressing students and all BOKU members who want to contribute to the BOKU community through their commitment. We also want to draw attention to cross-cutting activities at BOKU in order to reflect the diversity of the commitment to sustainability.

In a second step, supported and supported projects are to be listed in a kind of compass (still in the development phase).