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Upcoming projects and long-term plans

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There are various ways to make the activities and results of ÖH BOKU transparent. Currently in use are:

Nevertheless, many projects are just about to be launched or have been planned for a long time and need a little more time to be finished

A short list is available below:

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Study locations

In the last years the ÖH BOKU has taken multiple actions to provide more study locations for students.

The buildings/learning locations below are currently in construction, being planned or are already in use:

  • Türkenwirt- building – TÜWI à auditorium, study spaces, lounge, kitchen, computer room
  • Extension Schwackhöfer House  à additional 500 m2 of library space, computer rooms and study spaces
  • Extension of study and sitting accomodation between Simony House and Gregor Mendel House à wooden furniture
  • ÖH-Container (Türkenschanze)
  • TÜWI-Container (Türkenschanze)
  • Augasse - studying rooms (10x)
  • Community garden


  • Video recording of lectures
  • Better use of BOKU-learn – learning materials
  • Center for Psychological Advisory
  • StEOP New 2017