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Students' Union at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna


The Students' Union at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna - short: "ÖH BOKU" - is the legal representation of all students at BOKU.

We are your first point of contact regarding problems or ideas around your studies. We represent you towards lecturers, the rectorate and also towards state institutions such as the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF).

Our motto!

Open and common ÖH BOKU - done by students for students

Who we are

Our organisation is made up of many students who do the work voluntary. We are committed to your interests and offer you the best possible advice on all questions concerning your studies.We are standing up for your.

About 300 students and staff commit to our work as Students' Union, thus shaping the daily study routine at BOKU.

  • The University Representation (UV) is our highest decision-making body. Who represents you there is decided every two years at the ÖH election, where all students can cast their vote.
  • Our Executive Board is elected by the University Representation.The chairpersons are representing the ÖH BOKU externally to various stakeholders and are also responsible for the internal coordination of the ÖH BOKU.
  • The departments are set up by the University Representation to deal with specific areas of responsibility (e.g. study law, social affairs concerning students, sports, sustainability, politics)
  • For every field of studies there is a Study Field Representation. They are your points of contact for study-specific questions. They also take care to offer you a varied course of study.
  • The secretariat of ÖH BOKU is responsible for administrative activities. There you can get e.g. the mensa reduction.
  • As ÖH BOKU, we establish working groups on specific topics  and are represented in numerous BOKU committees to promote your interests.

The ÖH BOKU also organizes the popular first-semester tutorial, further education seminars, excursions, events, legendary festivities and much more ...

What is "ÖH BOKU"?

What we do

Where to find us

At Türkenschanze:

Located on the 2nd floor at the "TÜWI" (Peter Jordan Straße 76, 1190 Vienna) are our secretariat and the offices of the executive board, our departments and the study field representations Agricultural Sciences, Forestry and Wood Management, Civil Engineering and Water Management, Landscape Architecture and Landscape Planning, Environmental- and Bioresource Management and for doctoral studies.

Furthermore, there is a study-/common-room, PC user room and printers.


At Muthgasse II (Armin Szilvinyi Haus, Muthgasse 18, 1190 Vienna) you can find the office of the study field representation Food Science and Biotechnology (vis-a-vis the library). There is also the "ÖH Lounge" a common room where you can study or use the kitchen.