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Students Union at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna

The students representation at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (ÖH BOKU) is your first point of contact for problems concerning studying. As a legal interest representation for all students of BOKU Wien, we represent you both infront of teachers and  state institutions such as, for example, The Federal Ministry for Science, Research and Business (BMWFW).

Our motto!

Open and common ÖH BOKU - Equal, motivated and completely in the sense of the students

Who we are now in persona are you asking?

The ÖH BOKU consists of many committed BOKU students, who volunteer for you and your interests and offer you the best possible advice on all questions concerning the study and everything around it.

In about 300 students, staff members are represented in the university representation, the study representatives, lecturers, the chairman, the secretariat and in many working groups of the university and of the ÖH BOKU.

The ÖH BOKU also organizes the ever-popular first-time semester building (EST), advanced training seminars, excursions, events, legendary festivities and much more ...

Was machte die ÖH BOKU so im Jahr 2017?

serviceorientiert, offen und gemeinsam

Was macht die ÖH?

Wo findet ihr uns?