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Department for Women and Feminist Politics

The Women's Council is designed to provide counseling and support for students in women-specific matters. It wants to intensify the debate about the gender-specific aspects of society and the situation of women in university and professional life. The Women's Council also has the task of promoting a network of and with women within the university and the ÖH.



The farmer's day is the final event of the course "Women in Farming Agriculture" at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences. With the support of the lecturer Univ.-Lekt. Department of Horticulture Iris Strutzmann, as well as women who are active in this sector (organic farmers, female journalists, agricultural scientists, journalists, etc.).

Unter fachkundiger Anleitung lernt ihr euer Fahrrad fit für den Sommer zu machen. Eine Fahrradmechanikerin aus der Bike-Kitchen zeigt, wie Wartungsarbeiten, sowie kleine, aber wichtige Einstellungen und Reparaturen am eigenen Fahrrad selbst durchgeführt werden können.

*'FLIT - Frauen*Lesben*Inter*Trans

The participants work with the course leader and his assistant to develop a guide for potentially critical situations. Based on already existing behaviors and abilities, a four-stage system is developed, supplemented by instinctive reflexes. Subsequently
The participants can practice and consolidate the learned skills in different scenarios.

15 € deductible

Registration at

Movie Nights: "Gegen den Strom"  23.1.2019 and "Colette" am 28.1.2019
The Movies are in german.

Please make a appointment -->
Price for Boku Students 5€!




  • Mina Mahmudi

Officials in charge:

  • Benjamin Kandelsdorfer
  • Esther Riepl
  • Kajetan Reisinger
  • Magdalena Postl

Consultation hours by appointment:

Peter Jordan Strasse 76, 1190 Vienna 

Room: 2/13

(Next to ÖH secretariat, 2nd Floor)


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