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Department for Women, Feminism and Equality

There are social structures that systematically disadvantage FLINTAs in their professional, university and private everyday life. We, the Femref, want to make these structures visible, talk about them and thus change something.
We are also happy to advise you. You can contact us with your concerns at any time.
Our projects are diverse and range from events like the Farmers' Day, self-defence courses, FLINTA evenings to charity craft days. We also distribute menstrual articles at BOKU for everyone.
If you don't want to tolerate gender-based discrimination any longer, you are invited to join us. Write to us via Instagram at @oehboku_femref or send an email to

Teaching events with gender-specific content

A list of courses with gender-specific content at BOKU can be found here.

There are also relevant courses at the University of Vienna that can be taken as electives:

300354 VO Man and Woman from an Evolutionary Viewpoint
300385 VO Woman in science
300719 VO Gender in science
180082 VO-L Current Aspects of Gender Ethics
180183 VO Introduction to the Feminist Ethics of Alterity
180064 SE Epistemic Relativism and Feminist Standpoint Theory

In ufind, you can also take a look for yourself!

The university also offers a Master's program in Gender Studies, which deals intensively with gender-specific content.

Events & Projects

Menstrual products are expensive and not always available to everyone. 

We want to make a difference for menstruating people in their everyday life at university by providing free menstrual articles in all barrier-free restrooms.

You can find the exact locations on our poster!

We are supported by Happy Mona, an Austrian company that not only produces sustainable period products, but also plants trees and contributes to cleaning up the oceans.

With the code “BOKU10” you recieve a 10% discount on your first purchase at Happy Mona!

The 16 days span from November 25th, the International Day Against Patriarchal Violence to December 20th, the International Human Rights Day. They mark an important period in which worldwide attention is drawn to the violent discrimination of FLINTAs (women, lesbians, interbinary, nonbinary, transgender and agender persons) and its underlying structures are critically questioned.

Because violence against FLINTA* is structural. It concerns us all. 356 days a year.


In our Instagram series you will find information, explanations of terms and our demands to politics.

You can find advice and help at:

Women's helpline against patriarchal violence: 0800 | 222 555

Men’s Helpline MÄNNERINFO: 0800 400 777 or


The Bäuerinnentag (Farmers' Day) is the final event of the course "Frauen in der bäuerlichen Landwirtschaft“ (Women in Rural Agriculture). This course, held by Dipl. -Ing. Iris Strutzmann, deals with the perspective for women in rural areas: What conditions do they find? How do women shape their working, economic and living environments? What new approaches exist? These and other questions will be discussed and analyzed with reference to feminist and agricultural sociological theories.

At the Bäuerinnentag, the insights gained will be presented by the students, followed by keynote speeches and discussions by and with female farmers. This year the event will take place on March 8, 2022 starting at 15:00 via Zoom.

The Bäuerinnentag is intended to build a bridge between research and practice, to enable an exchange between rural women and students and to contribute to networking between everyday life at BOKU and everyday life in rural areas. We are looking forward to your coming!



Consultation hours by appointment:

Peter Jordan Strasse 76, 1190 Vienna 

Room: 2/13

(Next to ÖH secretariat, 2nd Floor)




  • Jana König

Officials in charge:

  • Paula Pircher
  • Lieselotte Krammer
  • Franka Fuchs
  • Victoria Hocke
  • Sina Buczolich
  • Tamara Bindeus
  • Martina Glatz
  • Kiara Titze

Downloads & Links

Further information on the departments as well as information for students can be found here.