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Press and Public Relations Department

The department for press and public relations at BOKU has the task to inform both the internal publications (students, members of BOKU) as well as the external subpublishers (journalists, companies) about the developments and changes of BOKU as well as the ÖH BOKU.


Transparency of the ÖH AchievementsStaffing of the position of the ÖH at the BOKUHer issue of the ÖH_MagazineCorrespondence with journalistsBecoming of pressrequestsSetting of press releasesShipping of the press releases by OTS or via the journalist distribution listBetting the Facebook account: "ÖH BOKU", "ÖH_Magazin", "ÖH BOKU Themenmonate" Creation and dissemination Of flyers, posters etc. for ÖH BOKU

The most important task of the Department for Press and Public Relations is to provide the students with an overview of the developments at BOKU and about the services of ÖH BOKU. This is done by issuing a ÖH_Magazine (formerly BOKUpdate), which is published twice per semester, via e-mail newsletter and the Facebook account.

In order to inform the external subpublications about the happenings at the BOKU and on the position of ÖH BOKU on individual topics, press releases are sent either via the specially created distributor and / or OTS.

The ÖH_Magazine is the official magazine of the University of Applied Sciences at the University of Natural History and is sent directly to all BOKU students by post.

At the start of the semester, a special issue for first-semesters will be prepared at the BOKU to facilitate entry into the study program.

The BOKU_tips contain all important and relevant information for beginners at a glance. An overview of the structures and tasks of the Austrian University of Applied Sciences at BOKU is given. Also, the BOKU tips contain information about study contributions, study aid, subsidies, building plans and much more.
The BOKU_ tips are located in the ÖH and are for free removal.


Referent*in contact:

Agnes Straßer

Consultation hours by appointment:
Peter-Jordan-Straße 76, 2nd floor


  • Tim Steiner (Layout)
  • Erika Schaudy (Lektorat)
  • Quirin Kern (Lektorat)
  • Jakob Lederhilger (Lektorat)
  • Johannes Marschick (Foto)
  • Lena Amann (Social Media)
  • Stephan Schachel (Social Media)
  • Lydia Krampl (Social Media)
  • Magdalena Gnigler (Redaktion)
  • Rebekka Jaros (Redaktion)
  • Christiane Hörmann (Redaktion)
  • Nena Julia Aichholzer (Redaktion)

Ort: Peter-Jordan-Straße 76, 1190 Wien (Raum 02/13)





Media owner and publisher:

Österreichische HochschülerInnenschaft an der Universität für Bodenkultur Wien 


Mailing address:

Peter-Jordan-Straße 76

1180 Wien

Tel: 01/47654-2000  

Referat für Presse und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit der ÖH BOKU  

Bank details:

Raiffeisen Landesbank

Kontonummer: 10.190.239

Bankleitzahl: 32000