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The Queerdepartment is a collectively organised group that is independend from any political fractions. Our aim is to make LGBTIQA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Inter*, Queer, Asexual) subjects more visible at the Boku Univiersity, as well as outside of University-Stuctures. A central issue for us a critique of heteronormativity, sexism and patriarchal oppression. At the same time we are trying to keep a sensitivity for other linked forms of discrimination, and thus to always rethink the term "queer". (Hetero)Sexism, Inter*- and Trans*- and Homophobia is still a violent part of a lot of people's everyday life. This is what we're trying to work against, though offering counseling, support and structures for networking. While we are organising presentations of projects, events, filmnights, parties, DIY workshops etc. we can also help you to get financial support for your queer projects. If you have any ideas for projects, or if you're interested in joining the collective and working together, please contact us on:


connected with queer@hochschulen [link]

[english below]

queer@hochschulen ist eine politisch unabhängige Vernetzungsinitiative von LGBTIQ* Gruppierungen und Referaten verschiedener Universitäten und Fachhochschulen Österreichs - wir freuen uns über neue Leute!


queer@hochschulen is an independent networking initiative of LGBTIQAA* groups from various universities in Austria. It is a group of students, lecturers and employees - feel free to join us!

Don't be afraid to show your true colors!


Head of Department:

Phil Berger [Phil/none]


  • Bernhard Auer [he/his]
  • Katharina Böhm [she/her]
  • Elias Gall [he/his]
  • Ina Kaindl [she/her]
  • Greta Kolb [she/her]
  • Alexander Riedl [he/his]
  • Alona Tyurina [she/her]

Consultation hours by appointment

Peter Jordan Straße 76

1190 Wien (2. Stock - Raum: 02/13)