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In our Kick- and Thaibox training you’ll find a balance of techniques, endurance and strength training, as well as flow exercises and voluntary sparring sessions. We train in a laid-back setting with a mix of beginners and advanced (also participating in competitions), most of them are students. Our main goal is learning by helping each other and having a good time. You’re always welcome to come and participate in one of our free trial trainings! If you already have protective gear take it with you, otherwise you can borrow some boxing gloves from us in the beginning. What we offer:

• a four month introduction course:
◦ Where? Kenyongasse 15, 1070 Wien
◦ When? Every friday at 4.30 PM
◦ for students: 85€/4 months
◦ for employees: 100€/4 months

• a special students-membership
◦ more information: or

• Semester Party for all Participants (Infos on Facebook

Registration or directly in the gym with our trainers.