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Unit for organization and internal communication

The unit is responsible for planning and organizing different events, training courses and seminars. We are also responsible for ensuring good internal communication, espacially with projects concerning mulitple departments of the ÖH BOKU.

Please also visit our Facebook-Page, where we keep you updated on upcoming events and projects.


Speaker Contact:

Theresa Schaufler

Consultiation by request:


  • Einetter Alina
  • Henneberger Clara
  • Zamiener Dominique
  • Schubert Fabian
  • Scheil Felix
  • Huber Felix
  • Zukrigl Georg
  • Streller Katharina
  • Weisz Leonie
  • Münz Marlene
  • Salem Omar
  • Danzinger Rachel
  • Schaufler Theresa
  • Gruner Stefanie
  • Kalchmayr Timon
  • Frankze Thomas



Peter Jordan Straße 76, 1190 Wien (2nd floor)