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results of the ÖH-elections of 2019

results of all universities are available here

the announcing of the results including study field represantation are available here

results of 2017 election

+++ What is the ÖH election? +++

Every two years, all levels of the ÖH are re-elected by the students. The ÖH ist the legal representation of all (!) students at BOKU, that includes international students, foreign students and students here on exchange. At the ÖH-student union election, the students decide in a democratic way, by whom they will be represented in the university students' union within the next two years. In May 2019 it is time again: You can choose your representation and make your voice count.

You are in Incoming student here on exchange, have a look at our section on ÖH election for Incomings.

Very important: If something is unclear to you or questions remain open: Do not hesitate to write us an e-mail at, we will help you!