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ÖH WAHL - 09.-11. Mai 2023

What is the ÖH election?

Every two years, all levels of the ÖH are re-elected by the students. The ÖH ist the legal representation of all (!) students at BOKU, that includes international students, foreign students and students here on exchange. At the ÖH-student union election, the students decide in a democratic way, by whom they will be represented in the university students' union within the next two years. From May 09th to 11th 2023 it is time again: You can choose your representation and make your voice count.

Below you will find links to everything you need to know!

You are in Incoming student here on exchange, have a look at our section on ÖH election for Incomings.

Very important: If something is unclear to you or questions remain open: Do not hesitate to write us an e-mail at, we will help you!

results of the ÖH-elections of 2021

results of all universities are available here

the announcing of the results including study field represantation are available here

Announcements of the ÖH election 2021

Ordinance on election dates:

Wahltage der Hochschülerinnen-und Hochschülerschaftswahlen 2021

Announcement of the places of submission for election proposals and candidacies for the Student Union Election 2021:

Mag. Dr. Bernhard Wallisch

Universität für Bodenkultur Wien
Büro des Senats
z.H. Mag. Dr. Bernhard Wallisch
Gregor-Mendel-Straße 33 (III. Stock)
1180 Wien


Tel.: +43 1 47654 10222

The submission can be made in person, by post or electronically. Please note:

  • For personal submission, an appointment is required.
  • In the case of postal submission, the campaigning group or the candidate bears the risk of timely receipt by the election commission.
  • Electronically submitted documents must be provided with a qualified electronic signature (according to EU law)

Announcement regarding requests for assignment to a Study Field Representation for students of individual students

Verlautbarung betreffend Anträge gemäß § 47 Absatz 4 HSG 2014

More information here.

Announcement regarding inspection of the provisional Voters' Register

Verlautbarung betreffend die Einsichtnahme in das vorläufige Wähler*innenverzeichnis für die ÖH-Wahl 2021

More information here.

Announcement of the electoral proposals for Federal Representation

Verlautbarung der Wahlvorschläge für die Bundesvertretung

Announcement of the electoral proposals for University Representation and candidacies for Study Field Representations

Verlautbarung der Wahlvorschläge für die Universtiätsvertretung und Kandidaturen für die Studienvertretungen

Announcement of polling stations and opening hours

Verlautbarung Wahllokale und Wahlzeiten

Verlautbarung Verbotszonen

Gebäudepläne Verbotszonen