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Everything important for the election!

Attention! Until March 30th 2021, your ÖH contribution (and study fee) must have been received by the Department of Studies to be eligible for election! If you did not make it, you are unfortunately not entitled to vote.

Who is entitled to vote?

All regular students of BOKU with a valid student ID (BOKUcard). This means all students who have paid the Student Union fee (ÖH-Beitrag) for the summer semester 2021 until the deadline mentioned above.

This includes:

NOTE: To be entitled to vote, the Student Union’s fee (ÖH-Beitrag) as well as any incurring tuition fee (if applicable) must be transferred and visible at the Studienabteilung by March 30th.

What can I choose?

There are 3 "levels" of the ÖH election:

The choice of study representative is a selection of persons, that is, Direct candidates are chosen as representatives for a particular field of study. Depending on the number of students, it is composed of 3 (WOW) or 5 persons (all others) and is a direct point of contact for students of the particular subject.

You can find out which studiy field represantation you can vote for here. Every study programme is assigned to a study field representation, which you are entitled to vote for.
If you are enrolled in several studies, you may also choose several study field representations.
If you are an individual student, you can be assigned to a student assignment. For more information, see "ÖH election for individual students"

The university representation represents the interests of the students against the BOKU and the ministries. Here, students can choose only one list (faction) and not individuals. There are different groups and lists, which, depending on the election result, send mandates to the university representation and parliamentary committees (Senate, Senate Study Committee, ...). Depending on the election results, the mandates of the university representation are divided among the candidate factions.

The Federal Representation represents the interests of the students against the ministries, the university conference, the college of higher education, the rector's conference of the educational colleges, the Austrian private university conference and the university conference. The task of the Federal Representation is to help shape the university policy. Again, you can select one of the candidate factions or lists, not individual persons. Depending on the election results, the 55 mandates of the federal representation are divided among them.  The ballot is uniform throughout Austria. Even if you are studying at several universities you can only vote for the federal representation once.

Who can I vote for?

The candidates for all study assignments can be found as pdf

Candidates for the election

The standing factions are:

You can find all the persons on the respective lists here

You can find all the factions to the ÖH Bundesvertretung here:
Electoral fractions

Election locale & Elections time

You can choose at the ÖH election either personally or with an  absentee ballot.

A number of polling stations will be set up at BOKU for the ÖH election 2021, which will take place from 18-20 May 2021.

+++ Attention! Do not forget your student ID when voting! +++

Polling place 1: Exnerhaus, EH 05, 2nd floor

(Peter-Jordan-Straße 82, 1190 Wien)
May 18th: 09:00-18:00
May 19th: 09:00-18:00
May 20th: 09:00-16:00


Polling place 2: Muthgasse III, SR 12, ground floor

(Muthgasse 11, 1190 Wien)

May 18th: 10:00-16:00
May 19th: 10:00-19:00


Polling place 3: UFT Tulln, SR 17, ground floor

(Konrad-Lorenz-Straße 24, 3430 Tulln)

May 18th: 12:00-14:00


If you have any questions

Please contact us:

What else can you expect?

In May 2021 a special edition of the ÖH Magazine with all the student representatives and factions running for election will be delivered directly to your home.

  • Information from ÖH BOKU will also be sent by e-mail - we will try to keep it as compact and as tight as possible.
  • There will be reminders via BOKU online to inform you of the most important deadlines
  • This information page will be updated regularly
  • Perhaps, maybe there are also old and re-established goodies for those who go to the election ?! ;-)

The ÖH election in the social media

Find us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, where we will share information about the Students’ Union election!