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Important information for students from individual study programs

Dear Students from individual study programs!

How you probably know. This year, we from May 09th - 11th 2023 the Student Union Elections (ÖH Wahl) take place. At the Student Union election, the students decide in a democratic way, by whom they will be represented in the university students' union within the next two years. For you to be eligable to vote your ÖH fee must be recieved by March 21th by BOKU. This means you should have paid your ÖH contribution or study fee already a few days before!

+++ Attention! +++

ÖH- elections for students in individual study programmes

Students studying an individual study programme have a special status regarding their affiliation to a specific Study Field Representation. You can vote for the Federal Representation and the University Representation. If you want to vote also for the Study Field Representation, you have to request the assignment to a Study Field Representation until April 13th. To do so please contact Mr. Wallisch ( in an informal writing to assign you to your respective study representation.

How to do it:

  1. Choose a study field representation that fits your subject. You can find the assignment of the regular study programmes to the Study Field Representations here.
  2. Download the form, fill it out and sign it.
  3. Submit the form and your  Studienblatt (record of studies) to Mr. Wallisch (Head of BOKU Electoral Commission). You can do it via e-mail ( or in person (you have to make an appointment).
  4. Wait for confirmation.