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Tasks of the University Representation

The University Representation is the highest body of ÖH BOKU and determines the strategic orientation. It submits two mandates to the Federal Representation, issues comments on draft laws and decrees, and is responsible for allocating the ÖH BOKU budget.

You can contribute shaping the composition of the university representation every two years in the ÖH election. Various lists go to poll for the total of 11 seats (list right). The mandates of the University Representation elect the Chairpersons from among their members.

Mandates of the University Representation

The following persons are mandates of the University Representation of the ÖH Period 01.07.2019-30.06.2021.


Unabhängige Fachschaftsliste BOKU (7 seats)
Main mandate Replacement mandate
Nastasja Harnack Fabian Franta
Charlotte Voigt Lukas Oßberger
Kyrill Sattlberger Anja Hummer
Johanna Berein Marcus Kirschner
Gregor Husner Michael Sethi
Thomas Franzke Roland Schmipf
Marie Bruckner Stephanie Braun
Aktionsgemeinschaft BOKU (4 Mandates)
Main Mandate Replacement Mandate
Dominik Ramusch |Franziska Richter
Natalie Frühwirth | Corinna Gruber
Benjamin Bauer | Daniel Wild
Katja Maier |Anita Sturm
bagru*GRAS*boku (1 Mandates)
Main Mandate Replacement Mandate
Florian Ladenstein |Markus Huber

Resolutions of the University Representation of ÖH BOKU

The University Representation takes decisions on various matters, which are implemented by the chairman and the units. These are available under resolutions of the University Representation.


Protocols of UV sessions

The university representation meets at least twice per semester. A verbatim protocol will be drawn up from each session, which will be published in minutes at the following meeting, under protocols of the UV meetings.


Statute of the University Students' Union at BOKU

Section 13 (2) of the HochschulInnenwirtschaftsgesetz stipulates that the university administration must, within the scope of its self-administration, adopt a statute on the establishment of study assignments, the setting up of lectures, the course of the meetings, and much more.


Statutes of the ÖH BOKU 5.12.2016