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Approach projects openly and together

We want a breath of fresh air in the ÖH and are happy if YOU want to get involved.

Until the 6th of October you can apply for the position as head of department!


Here you can apply.
But the best thing to do is stop by the ÖH and get to know the nice employees of the ÖH BOKU.

Hier sind alle aktuellen Stellen ausgeschrieben!

Du hast Spaß daran, Veranstaltungen zu organisieren und möchtest deinen Lebenslauf internationalisieren? Du möchtest neue Leute aus aller Welt kennenlernen und bringst gerne deine eigenen Ideen ein? Dann bewirb dich als eine unserer Board Positionen bei ESN BOKU!

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The whole thing in dry and official

The student body at BOKU is the legal representation of the interests of all students. We have to fulfill certain tasks (such as advising or correct financial accounting) but also have a lot of freedom in how we want to work as the ÖH.


At the ÖH BOKU there are 15 departments, each dedicated to one topic.
A presentation consists of a speaker and a few clerks. Speakers are the contact persons, have an overview of the budget and, so to speak, lead the presentation.
Often there are also temporary projects or works for which we are looking for people. This can be a layout for a calendar, for example, or ticket sales.

All positions and tasks are advertised publicly here on the website, on Facebook, Twitter, in the ÖH newsletter and through posters in order to give all students the opportunity to get involved.
The work at the ÖH BOKU is voluntary - that means everyone works out of their own motivation, there is only a small allowance.
Sounds great! And what does it look like in real life at ÖH BOKU?
The ÖH is like a big family - we all work together, friendships are created, projects that are close to our hearts are implemented. Sometimes everything takes a little longer because of the stress of exams, and everyone likes to invest their free time there. We drink a lot of coffee, discuss ideas at TÜWI and are interested in making our university even better! We come from all different fields of study, from Muthgasse to Augasse, are in different semesters and from all over the world.
Good. So you are a crezy, motivated bunch of people - I can't miss that! Whats next?
First of all: what are your interests? What do you like to do?
Take a look at the description of the departments / student representatives / university representatives / working groups etc. and the best thing to do is to come to the office of the ÖH BOKU in person and let us show you beforehand how things work here.
You can apply to work in a lecture in general or specifically as a speaker. In addition to your motivation, your application should also contain a brief description of your own ideas or the potential for improvement in the relevant area.
If you don't yet know exactly where and how you want to take part - just drop by for a coffee in the chairmanship office or send us an email to and we will chat about your ideas!
All applicants for speaker positions will then be invited to an interview to introduce themselves and the elections will be held in a regular meeting of the university representatives. Clerks are deployed without a choice.

If you have individual ideas but are less interested in permanent voluntary work, please contact the unit that is closest to your idea.
There is also a project pool with which student initiatives are financially supported.