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Mi, 16.10.2019 | 18:30 Uhr | TÜWI-UG1/02, Dänenstr. 4, 1190 Wien


A film by Raphael Barth
Documentary | 92 min | AUT, GER, IRL | 2009-2014
Golden Girls Filmproduktion
A co-production with Filmtank Hamburg (DE), Twopair Films (IRL), Tata Institute of Social Sciences (IN), Austrian Broadcasting Corporation Film (ORF)
The mysterious islands of the Nicobars were severely hit by the Tsunami 2004. Along with many lives also their culture was almost lost.
The film "AFTERMATH – The Second Flood" tells the story of how this happened.
Over a period of seven years Raphael Barth has followed the fate of the Nicobarese in the wake of aid and development after the worst natural disaster of our times.
AFTERMATH is the story of young people from an ancient tribe who are suddenly driven into a new world by the Tsunami. Overwhelmed by history’s biggest wave of aid and development soon after, they are searching with humour and pride for their own, self- determined life in a globalized world. Instead of surrendering to thepressure of foreign aid- and development organisations, the Nicobarese face thechallenges of finding sustainable ways into their future.
They create their own NGO and travel to the unknown world to search for allies.


Raphael Barth, Regisseur
Anna Kathrin Schmidt, Entwicklungshilfeklub
Oliver Lehmann, Herausgeber von "The Nicobar Islands" (2005)
Andi Melcher, CDR

Moderation: Verena Winiwarter, Institut für Soziale Ökologie (BOKU) und KIÖS
Ort:TÜWI-UG1/02, Dänenstr. 4, 1190 Wien

Start: Mi, 16.10.2019, um 18:30 Uhr
Ende: Mi, 16.10.2019, um 21:00 Uhr
Ort: TÜWI-UG1/02, Dänenstr. 4, 1190 Wien
Veranstalter: Referat für Entwicklungspolitik und BOKU Ethikplattform
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